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Celebrating 10 Years of Freebridge Community Housing


Freebridge Community Housing celebrate our 10th birthday today

Freebridge Community Housing celebrate our 10th birthday today.

It’s now ten years since 6,700 homes transferred to Freebridge from the Borough Council after 77 per cent of voting tenants elected for the move, and a great deal has happened since.

Tony Hall, Chief Executive of Freebridge said: “The transfer of homes to Freebridge in April 2006 was a enormously significant event for tenants. At that time fewer than 30% of tenants’ homes met the Government’s Decent Homes standard. Now almost 100% have been improved above this level, with just a few remaining to be completed within our bigger regeneration projects.

“Through working with our tenants, our employees and our partners, we have improved the quality of homes that our tenants live in and supported the communities where our tenants live.

“Reaching this 10 year point gives us the chance to look back at what we have achieve, whilst continuing to plan for the future. The world we find ourselves in is very different to the world that existed when Freebridge first started out, which means that we will need to be increasingly prudent with any plans we have to make sure that we continue to be a responsible landlord that develops homes and creates opportunities for people in the area.

“I would like to thank our tenants for their involvement and interest over the last ten years, our employees for all of their hard work, and our partners who have worked closely with us in supporting a better West Norfolk.”

Here’s a short film highlighting some of the many things we’ve achieved in our first 10 years: