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Fixed term tenancies

Freebridge are using fixed term tenancies.

These tenancies are mainly used for new Freebridge tenants, however there are some exceptions to this, such as if existing tenants move to a property with an affordable rent.

If you currently have an Assured Tenancy with Freebridge then you will only be affected if you move to an affordable rent property.

A fixed term tenancy

This is a tenancy that will only last for a certain number of years and it is legally known as an ‘assured shorthold fixed term tenancy.’ This is unlike Assured or ‘lifetime’ tenancies, which allow tenants to remain in the same property for life.

Where have fixed term tenancies come from?

In November 2011 the Localism Act was passed by the Government and this included measures to allow Social housing providers (like Freebridge) to grant tenancies for a fixed term, if they chose to.

Why are Freebridge using them?

Our Policy and Procedural Handbook (page 118) explains that we will use fixed term tenancies to ensure customers have the most appropriate home for as long as they need it, and to provide on-going housing options support throughout the life of each tenancy. By reviewing tenancies more frequently we are able to do this.

If you have any questions please contact Freebridge on 03332 404 444 and ask to speak to the lettings team.