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Freebridge Welcomes Tenants to New Homes in North Wootton


Freebridge Community Housing are delighted to have handed over the keys to nine brand new homes in North Wootton, following the completion of a second phase of work to replace a number of prefabicated houses with modern, thermally efficient properties.

This second phase of work, which follows on from the first finished last year, includes one 3 bedroom house, four 2 bedroom houses along with four 1 bedroom flats.

Lewis Pratt and Georgia Long, along with their one-year-old daughter Harper, are among those tenants who'll be making one of the brand new two bedroom properties their home.

After coming from a one bedroom property on Anmer Terrace the location and size of the new property was a blessing for a young family.

Lewis said: "Once we had Harper everything had to change. When this home came up it was a shock, from where we had come neither of us ever thought we would be so lucky to end up in a place like this.

"I used to live on Blackthorn Road when I was younger and knew of Priory Road, I can't believe how much better it looks now. It's a better area for families, we've already been able to take the buggy out on walks in the woods."

Freebridge Community Housing Chairman, Andy Walder, was on hand to pass them their new keys and officially welcome the family to Priory Road.

Andy said: "Having the chance to meet Georgia, Lewis and Harper, and hearing what it means to them to have such a fantastic new home, really does do so much to highlight the importance of the work we do at Freebridge.

"It's a real pleasure to welcome all of the new tenants here to North Wootton. Freebridge are passionate about developing homes and creating opportunities for people within West Norfolk and we will continue to support the needs of the community by providing this much needed housing in a place where people want to live."

As with the previous work completed the new homes were built in conjunction with a number of partners including local construction and building maintenace firm TM Browne.


Picture: Lewis Pratt, Georgia Long and their daughter Harper outside their new home along with Chairman of the Board Andy Walder.


Picture: Priory Road Site at North Wootton.