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Freebridge's Discovery Centre growing well thanks to Family Action


Volunteers from the charity Family Action have been busy helping transform the garden at Freebridge Community Housing’s Discovery Centre in King’s Lynn.

The ESCAPE project, run by Family Action, gives adult service users from diverse backgrounds, including those who struggle with mental and physical health, the opportunity to work outside in places like the gardens at the Discovery Centre.

The volunteers involved have been slowly turning the space at the Discovery Centre into a community garden with raised beds, compost bins and an eco-shed with a living roof. They'll also soon be adding in polytunnels and a system for collecting and recycling rainwater.

Working on projects like this offers the volunteers an opportunity to be part of a community who come together to socialise, learn new skills, be more physically active and gain a sense of belonging all of which go some way to improving people's wellbeing.

Rhonda, ESCAPE Discovery Garden Project Worker and Administrator at Family Action, said "We're really pleased to have the opportunity to be working with Freebridge at the Discovery Centre. You can already see the results of the work that the volunteers have done so far coming together and we've got lots more planned still to come!

"We're planning on building an outdoor kitchen with its own oven with some of the funding we have received. And over the summer will be holding a number of open days where we will offer food, music and activities for the local community.”

Sophie Bates, Director of Housing, said “Freebridge bought the Discovery Centre just over a year ago and since then we’ve been working with numerous community groups to put the Centre back on the West Norfolk map.

“Organisations like Family Action are doing really great work in providing much needed opportunities for people in the area and we’re very happy to have had them involved in the garden here which we hope will grow from strength to strength!”

Family Action are currently at the Discovery Centre on Tuesday and Thursday's between 10am - 3pm and would welcome any volunteers interested in getting involved. If you would like to find out more information or join them, please contact Rhonda Peak on 07977 223 009.

Volunteers in the Discovery Centre garden

Pictured: The volunteers in the Discovery Centre garden.