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Freebridge Community Housing Fund doubles donations to West Norfolk groups hit by Covid-19


Freebridge has agreed grants double the amount normally paid out to local community
groups and organisations in West Norfolk to mark the 10th anniversary of its Community Fund.

Thirteen projects across West Norfolk have benefitted from grants this year, with each being awarded amounts up to £1000.

This year Freebridge raised the amount available to the fund to £10,000, double the £5000 that is normally offered, to mark the fact that they've been providing this money
to groups for a decade.

The fund gives local groups the opportunity to apply for the money to support community and voluntary activities that meet the needs of the community within West

The final decision on which groups are awarded the grants is made by a panel of
Freebridge tenants and employees.

The panel specifically aims to support groups that:
• Promoting health and wellbeing,
• Tackling disadvantage,
• Supporting local solutions to local needs,
• Promoting community cohesion,
• Developing sustainable and supportive communities, and
• Improving the environment.

This year, the successful projects that will be funded include the provision of additional Covid-19 safety equipment to allow Access, a group that supports migrants across east Anglia, to plan for re-opening their office and restarting face to face appointments.
Supporting Family Action to continue providing allotment sessions at the Discovery
Centre for people with mental health concerns or learning disabilities.
And covering the cost of additional training on domestic violence, substance misuse
and wellbeing for those working at the Pandora Project.

One of the groups getting support is the Wells Community Hospital Trust. They will
use the money to provide transport for people to get to their Fun & Forgetfulness
sessions which are for people living with dementia, memory loss and cognitive
disorders, their carers and families and people who are isolated or experiencing
loneliness. Many of their visitors come from nearby villages such as Docking,
Brancaster and Burnham Market.

Samantha Taylor, General Manager, said: “We serve a rural population with a higher
than average percentage of older citizens and low-income families, many adversely
affected by the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. Affordable, accessible, safe and
reliable transport is essential for our community if they are to be able to access the
opportunities they need to live well for longer.”

Freebridge Chief Executive, Anita Jones, said: “Freebridge is committed to supporting
community groups across West Norfolk and the fact that we’ve now been doing this
for 10 years is something we are very proud of. Over the years we’ve helped many
groups across the area and since the fund began back in 2010 have provided over
£50,000 in grants to them.
“These groups make a real difference to the lives of our tenants and the wider
community and we know that this year, perhaps more than ever before, they may need
an extra helping hand”