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Freebridge Community Housing welcomes new Board members ahead of five-year plan


Freebridge Community Housing are excited to announce that four new members have been appointed to the Freebridge Board, bringing with them a wealth of knowledge and experience ahead of work to finalise ambitious plans for the organisation’s next five years.

The new Board members are as follows:


Vicky Savage: Vicky is a senior leader in the housing sector, with a strong background in housing management and development. She is currently employed as London Managing Director of L&Q Housing Trust and has experience in overseeing major developments. She is also originally from West Norfolk, and so is well acquainted with the area and the issues it faces.


Donald McKenzie: Donald is a chartered accountant with a strong background in finance, treasury, governance, risk management and auditing. He has significant experience in the housing sector and is currently employed as Director of Corporate Finance and Deputy Company Secretary at Metropolitan Thames Valley Housing Association.


Gill Rejzl: Gill is already known to Freebridge as she is an independent member of the Audit and Risk Committee. She also worked for Freebridge for two years as Business Performance Manager and Company Secretary before becoming the Company Secretary at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Trust for over 10 years. She is also Chair of the Audit and Risk Committee at the College of West Anglia. Gill has lived in West Norfolk for many years.


Andrew Hill: Andrew is a chartered accountant with a strong background in finance, treasury, risk management and auditing. He has experience and understanding of the housing sector, gained through various non-executive appointments.

Andy Walder, Freebridge Chair, said: “The appointment of these new Board members is fantastic news for Freebridge. Between them Vicky, Donald, Gill and Andrew, bring a significant amount of knowledge and expertise about the housing sector to the team we already have in place, and in addition a level of understanding about west Norfolk and the particular challenges the area faces.”

Anita Jones, Freebridge Chief Executive, said: “When we began this recruitment process in December, we were looking for senior professionals with backgrounds in treasury, refinancing, financial management, audit, risk, and development, and with these four new appointments we have covered everything we were looking for and much more. The fact that we’ve managed to recruit candidates of such high quality during the latest lockdown is particularly pleasing and shows that as an organisation we are determined to continue to do what we can to become better still, even in challenging times.

“Although the last year has been a very difficult one for all, this remains an exciting time for Freebridge as we work to finalise our ambitious plans for the next five years. With these new Board members joining us our future as an organisation looks stronger than ever and we look forward to working with them to ensure that Freebridge becomes the very best community housing provider it can be.”