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Adapting your home

Adaptations can allow a wide range of tenants to live more independently in their homes.

We are able to make changes or adaptations where necessary.

To enquire about adaptations please contact Care and Repair on 01553 616200, who will make a recommendation to Freebridge, based on your needs.

Log Burners

Freebridge is no longer able to provide permission to customers wanting to install log burners in their homes, in line with our work to support the Government’s net zero carbon agenda.

If you have previously been given permission by Freebridge to install a log burner, we would like to remind you that these appliances can produce carbon monoxide if they have been poorly installed, have been poorly maintained or are used incorrectly.

You are responsible for both the annual maintenance, which must be completed by a qualified person, and the safety of the equipment. Once the annual service has been completed you must provide Freebridge with details confirming it has been done.

If you fail to do this Freebridge retain the right to remove the appliance at your expense.

If you have a log burner installed without Freebridge’s permission, you must contact us immediately to request retrospective permission with a copy of the latest test certificate.

If a log burner is found to be in your home without our permission, we will ask for you to remove it at your own expense.

Finally, if you live in a home that has a log burner fitted and are intending to move through a mutual exchange you will need to arrange for it to be removed by a qualified person (at your own expense) and provide appropriate certification to us.

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