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Getting started in your new home

There is often a lot to organise and think about when moving into a new home. Here is a handy guide on the main things you will need to do when you have collected your keys.

Our Lettings Team will talk through all of the details to get started. They will also provide you with a sign up pack so you are able to refer back to any important information for the future.

The Welcome Booklets that you will be issued with when you move into your new home can be found below:

Welcome Booklet for all residents

Welcome Booklet for Millfleet Court residents

Welcome Booklet for Valentine Place residents

Welcome Booklet for Colby Court residents

Welcome Booklet for Eldridge Court residents

We also have a leaflet that shows what you can and can't have in our communal areas.

Communal Area Leaflet

See also our Communal Area Cleaning Standards.

Setting up your electric / gas supply

When you have been given the keys to your new property you will need to set up an account with your electric and/or gas supplier. To do this, please have the gas / electric meter readings to hand.

An information booklet can be found in your pack, detailing how to read your meter (PCL Energy Services Guide). 

  • Your supplier should be Southern Electric and you will need to ring them to set up your new account, please call Southern Electric on 0800 117 116 to do this.
  • If Southern Electric are not supplying your property then you can find out who is by calling 08701963082.
  • You can change to a different supplier if you wish.

www.greenenergyswitch.co.uk provides you with easy access to a comparison of 100% green energy tariffs. With self-isolation measures and remote-working restrictions.

For more information about Green Energy Switch, call 01733 646253 or email info@greenenergyswitch.co.uk.

  • If you have a pre-payment meter you will need a key to top up credit on your meter. Southern electric will give you details on where to collect your new pre-payment key from.
  • You will need to arrange a new key even if there is one there already as the old one may have debt on from the previous tenant.
  • If you do not have a meter then Southern Electric will give you options on how to pay.

For properties with a Gas supply

Gas supplies are capped when a property becomes empty so your gas will need to be reconnected to the meter. You will not be able to use your gas until you have followed the steps below.

  • Set up your accounts and confirm you have a gas and electric supply to the property (your supplier can confirm this).
  • Top up all pre-payment meters in the property with a minimum of £5.
  • Call Freebridge on 03332 404444. We will then arrange an appointment for your Gas supply to be uncapped.

If any of the above steps are not complete or if access if not given for the appointment then you may be charged for this.


Anglia Water supplies water to all of our properties. You will need to contact Anglia Water to set up an account for your water supply and you will need to provide them with meter readings.

Anglia Water will arrange a suitable payment method with you. You can contact Anglia Water on 0800 145 145 (free phone.)

Digital Connections in your new home

To help check the connectivity of digital products available in an area, including mobile phone signal and broadband services, please click the link: Compare Broadband & Phone Packages - Internet & Phone Deals.

Freebridge have selected this website for you because it was found the easiest to use and most helpful, there are other comparison sites available. Freebridge hold no responsibility for changes to any services available or services that are different to what is advised on the website. You can also complete your own research on digital connectivity and the individual services/products you require in your home.


Freebridge understands the positive impact of owning a pet. The majority of pet owners are responsible and provide good care for their animals. Irresponsible pet ownership can cause nuisance, anti-social behaviour, damage to the property and affect the welfare of the pet.

We have a few words of advice about pets in your home and communal areas and the pets of visitors to your property. Hopefully this guidance will answer any questions you have, but if you need further help please contact us before taking ownership of a pet.