How we are run
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How we are run

Freebridge’s senior team works closely with the Board to lead the organisation:

Tony Hall, Chief Executive

Tony is a member of the Institute of Housing and has 25 years experience in Social Housing and Local Government. Prior to his appointment as Chief Executive at Freebridge Community Housing, Tony had been a Corporate Director with the Borough Council of King's Lynn and West Norfolk.

Sophie Bates, Director of Housing

Sophie has been with Freebridge since the stock transfer of properties from the Borough Council of King’s Lynn and West Norfolk in 2006. Prior to her appointment as Director Housing in April 2019, where she oversees the Income, Tenancy, Lettings, Placeshaping, Customer Service and Support teams within Freebridge, she was the Head of Housing for a number of years.

David Marshall, Director of Finance and Resources

David joined Freebridge in 2016 and is responsible for the housing and community organisation’s Finance, ICT and Business Assurance functions. A Chartered Management Accountant and Chartered Director, David was previously Director of Finance with Flagship Housing Group. He has also held Finance Director positions with transport company First Group.

Birgit Lenton, Director of Corporate Service and Culture

Birgit joined Freebridge in July 2017 with a wealth of experience in leadership and business management at a senior level. She has previously worked for the Constructions Industry Training Board in Bircham Newton, and in her role as Director of Corporate Services and Culture oversees Human Resources, Communications & Engagement and Governance.

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