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Mutual exchange

Please note that our process has been temporarily amended following the Government announcement on 4th January 2021. For further information please contact the Lettings team on 03332 404444.

You can apply for a mutual exchange if your tenancy agreement states this. If permission is given then your tenancy agreement length and type could change. If you are thinking about moving then please read our information about fixed term tenancies to see if you could be affected.

The right to exchange is subject to the approval and consent of Freebridge and any other landlord if you are exchanging to a non-Freebridge property.

A full inspection of your home and a legal Deed of Assignment will also need to be signed before a mutual exchange can take place.

You must provide payment in full for electric and gas checks before the exchange can proceed (Electric £105 and Gas £76.88). Payments can be made at Juniper House, Austin Street by cheque.

We may refuse a mutual exchange:

  • if the tenant/s are subject to a current Notice of Seeking Possession, have a possession order or full possession proceedings have begun following the issue of such a Notice
  • if the exchange would mean under-occupation or over-crowding of a property
  • if the property involved is reserved for specific people (for example the disabled, or those in sheltered housing) and the exchange would be with a tenant or tenants who do not meet this criteria.
  • if there are any breaches of tenancy
  • if arrears exist on your rent account
  • You will need to register on House Exchange.

    House Exchange

    House Exchange is an online tool that can help you find someone to swap home's with by the process of mutual exchange.

    Registration is quick, easy and free of charge for our residents.

    The House Exchange website matches people up with other households looking to move home too. You will be able to search for homes locally or further afield, right across the UK.

    So whatever your reason is for moving, begin your search today by registering at House Exchange.

    House Exchange also uses social media to help further people's chances of finding a home swap. Following registration why not try sharing your property advert on their Facebook and Twitter pages which can be found here:



    Once you have found your exchange partner(s) and have agreed a mutual exchange in principle, all parties must gain approval from their own landlords. At this point you will need to request a mutual exchange application form from us; this will begin the formal process and you will be one step closer to moving into your new home.

Find out more:
Mutual Exchange Booklet

Alternatively you can apply for a transfer