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Owning your own home

Whilst most of our properties are to rent, there are some opportunities to buy a home, or own part of it.

Tenants who were secure tenants of King’s Lynn & West Norfolk Borough Council at the time of transfer of the council’s properties to Freebridge on 3rd April 2006 and have remained Freebridge tenants since then will retain the right to buy their homes, known as the preserved Right to Buy. This is subject to the exceptions where properties are exempt from the Right to Buy. The maximum Discount for this region is £82,800.

Please see this page on the Gov.uk website to find out if you have the Right To Buy, additional information and an application form are also available there.

Further guidance about Right to Buy/Acquire can be found here.

Tenants who were not a tenant of King’s Lynn & West Norfolk Borough Council at the time of transfer will not be able to exercise the right to buy, but may be entitled to the right to acquire. The discount for this region is £9,000.

Please note that you will not be able to exercise the right to acquire if the property you reside is in a designated rural area.

Please see the Statutory Instrument (Page 12), to see whether your home is in a designated rural area. If it is not then you can find additional information and the application form on the Gov.uk website.

From time to time, we also have Shared Ownership properties where tenants can buy a share or rent to buy a property. To find out more about this please visit the Help To Buy website.

Please note with every Right to Buy and Right to Acquire applications In order to prevent fraud we need to carry out Identity and Residency checks and therefore require the tenant to supply a copy for every applicant named one of the following:

Identity checks: (If you have one)
  • Full UK or EU driving licence including photograph
  • 10 year UK or EU passport with photograph
  • EU identity cards
  • Blue badge
  • UK identity card for foreign nationals/ residence permit issued by the Home Office
  • UK certificate of naturalisation.

(If you have no photo identity documentation, please supply a certified picture of yourself. This must be certified by a professional who is not related to you but has known you for at least two years)

    (If your name differs on your photo identification please provide supporting documents for the difference in name, marriage certificate, deed poll etc.)

Also for Residency checks (dated from within the past 3 months):
  • P45. P60 or pay slip
  • a current benefit or pension claim letter, book or card
  • a utility or council tax bill
  • a bank statement
  • a landline phone bill.

We can only accept originals of these and do not accept photocopies or copies printed from the internet.

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