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Freebridge Recruitment Policy


It is critical to the success of the Company that vacancies are filled by the most competent candidate available. It is also essential that people are selected for positions in a consistent, fair and objective way. The Company is committed to ensuring that vacancies are filled by the person with the most appropriate skills, knowledge and behavioural competencies, regardless of their gender, race, age, sexuality, beliefs or any disability.


Any manager wishing to recruit must first check that provision has been made against the manpower establishment and budget. A 'Request to Recruit' form will then need to be raised and authorised.

All vacancies will be supported by a role description, which must be written by the line manager in conjunction with the Human Resource Advisor.

It is Company policy to advertise vacancies internally on notice boards. However in some circumstances, where for example a succession plan exists, an employee may be promoted into the position without the job being advertised.

Vacancies may be advertised externally and internally at the same time.

To apply for an internal vacancy, applicants will be asked to either complete an internal application form or send a CV to the Human Resource Advisor. They must inform their line manager of their application. The line manager will also be required to sign the Internal Application form where this has been raised. Internal application forms are available from the Shared drive/Human Resources Standard Forms.

Selection process

In the case of some positions, applicants will be required to take aptitude or psychometric tests, or they may be invited to attend an Assessment Centre. Any testing used will have been carefully designed and selected, and internal candidates will be expected to participate if they wish to be considered for the vacancy.

Line managers will be responsible for conducting interviews and they may consult the Human Resource Department for assistance. With all recruitments, applicants will be given adequate notice of interviews and testing to enable them to prepare thoroughly.

Letters informing applicants of the outcome of their interview will be forwarded to them as soon as is reasonably practicable after a decision has been made.