Sheltered scheme at Beaupre Hall, Outwell
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Guest rooms at sheltered housing schemes. Please click here to view the schemes with guest rooms for hire. For bookings, please fill in this booking form and hand it into our Reception or email it to guest.rooms@freebridge.org.uk

What is Sheltered Housing?

Sheltered Housing is the perfect combination of independent living and a ready-made community, specifically designed for older people living in West Norfolk.

All of our 17 of schemes in West Norfolk have a dedicated Support Advisor who can help you to stay as independent as you can for as long as possible.

It’s important to note that our teams do not provide personal care, do not live on site and are not on call 24 hours a day. Instead, they are regular visitors who can help you to settle in and co-ordinate with various agencies on your behalf.

Is Freebridge Sheltered Housing right for me?

We understand that our tenants’ needs change as their circumstances change. Our Sheltered Housing schemes are ideal if you are looking to downsize to a more manageable home, meet new friends and stay near family but still have the independence of your own front door.

Our schemes are specifically designed for those over 60 (or 55 with a medical need) and have some specific adaptations such as alarm pulls and ramps where necessary.

All our schemes have communal areas where you and your neighbours can meet for a catch up or you can make new friends at one of the many coffee mornings and other events.

The home are ideal for single people and couples, allowing you to continue living with your partner or spouse.

We have schemes across West Norfolk and most are close to shops and other amenities as well as public transport links. Alongside several in King’s Lynn we also have schemes in Hunstanton, Downham Market and a number of local villages.

Residents at a Freebridge sheltered housing scheme.

A few questions

Even thinking about moving home is a big step and we know that you may have a lot of questions. Here are some of the more common queries but if you have any others please get in touch on 03332 404444.

Can I bring my pet?

This depends on the type of home you move into and you will need to apply for permission to have a pet.

Is there a garden?

Some homes have private gardens and all of our sheltered housing schemes have communal areas for you to enjoy.

What if I need personal care?

The support team do not provide personal care but can assist you to arrange this with social services.

I am not very mobile – will I be ok?

If any aids and adaptations are required, this is something we can look into for you and assist with. There are lots of ground floor homes or those with lifts and ramps.

There is also an alarm system in each property with pull cords in every room; we can also link a pendant to this alarm system so you can call for help at any time.

Is it safe?

Smoke detectors are installed in all properties and these are checked every six months.

Can my family come to visit and can they stay over?

Visitors are welcome on the sheltered housing schemes, but you are responsible for your visitors’ behaviours.

There are also guest rooms available on most of our schemes for a reasonable rate.

Who is responsible for repairs and maintenance?

Freebridge is responsible for repairs and general maintenance of the property, although internal decoration is a tenant’s responsibility.

Do I need to be a current Freebridge tenant to move into a Freebridge Sheltered Scheme?

Anyone can bid on our homes but you need to be registered with West Norfolk Homechoice first, you can register with them at: homechoice.west-norfolk.gov.uk

Is parking available on the sheltered housing schemes?

There is limited parking available on the schemes although this is not allocated.

Are there activities on the scheme?

Each sheltered scheme has a communal area where there are some organised events.

What support will I receive?

Each sheltered scheme has a designated support adviser looking after the scheme; they will be on the scheme once a week. Your support adviser will be contactable during office hours. For emergencies, there is a pull cord system in the property, which is monitored 24 hours a day.

If you’d like to find out more about what living in a Freebridge Sheltered Scheme is like, contact the team at Freebridge on 03332 404444.

Support Advisors

Our Support Advisors role is to support customers to stay independent in their own homes and to signpost to other agencies who may help with this. We offer a choice of services and depending on which you choose we can:

  • Provide morning calls via the intercom system, to see how the customer is. This could be 1-5 days a week, it’s up to the individual
  • Arrange visits to tenants who would like them on a 4 weekly basis
  • Keep in contact to discuss how customers are managing with day to day living
  • Encourage and support the customer to seek help that is needed e.g. doctor, district nurse, home carer, chiropodist, optician, adaptations or Social Services for an assessment
  • Keep an eye on services that a customer is receiving and that they are working well, and sort them when they are not
  • Contact relatives when requested
  • Help to fill in forms e.g. Attendance Allowance, Housing Benefit; and advise on Benefits
  • Help show customers how to report any repairs
  • Help new customers to settle in, showing them what’s where on their scheme.
  • Help customers to keep in contact with the wider community
  • Updating your Support Plan if required, when circumstances change e.g. a return from hospital, change of service requirements

We are unable to do:

  • Cooking, shopping, cleaning, laundry, running errands, giving out medication or helping with personal care needs.
  • We are not on call 24 hours, but if help is required when we are not on duty, you can pull a cord and Centra Pulse staff can help.
A Freebridge sheltered housing scheme in West Norfolk.

Aims & Objectives

    The aims and objectives of Freebridge Community Housing sheltered housing are:

  • To provide a high quality housing support service, to older people, which enables, supports and encourages them to live independently by;
  • Providing a housing support service giving tenants a choice about how much, or how little they interact with their Support Advisor.
  • Providing a person centred approach to assessment and the delivery of support
  • Working in conjunction with partner agencies as appropriate
  • Providing a service where the dignity and right to privacy of all customers is paramount
  • Promoting social inclusion and encourage every customer, signposting them to relevant groups and clubs of interest
  • Working to ensure the safety and well-being of all sheltered customers
  • Ensuring that all customers have access to information in respect of their rights and choices