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Join the Tenant Panel

If the Tenant Panel might be something you would be interested in please get in touch.

To see what kind of thing the Tenant Panel get up to, please visit our Tenant Panel page which has the latest news and minutes from the meetings.

The Freebridge Tenant Panel includes up to 12 members who come from different backgrounds. Being a Panel member provides an exciting opportunity to develop your skills and make a real difference to other tenants, the local community and West Norfolk.

Since being set up, the Panel has been involved in aspects of almost everything Freebridge does, which includes repairs and maintenance, tenant satisfaction and communications. They've also looked at our our service standards, Asset Management Strategy, Business Plan and much, much more.

The Panel meets up to around ten times per year to discuss different topics related to Freebridge and it also works closely with the Board. This includes reviewing policies and performance information.

    As a Tenant Panel member, there are opportunities to gain new skills and attend events and training sessions, such as:
  • Community Fund Judging Panel
  • Contractor Evaluation
  • Opportunity to join us in our Out and Abouts
  • Invitation to events held at Freebridge throughout the year.

Tenant Panel members are provided with refreshments at all meetings and have the option to claim travel expenses.

For information please see the Tenant Panel Terms of Reference.