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Tenant Panel News

Latest Tenant Panel Winter News

One of our members of the Tenant Panel, David, has provided an update on what they've been working on over the last few months.

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Despite things having been a little more normal in September we continued to meet as a group via Zoom, but we're all becoming more and more used to connecting virtually so all was not lost!

After our break in August we met once again in early September, and our first guest attending the meeting was the new Chief Executive Anita Jones. It was good to meet Anita, to hear about her background, the exciting plans she has for the organisation as a whole, and her desire to communicate with tenants to understand where Freebridge needs to make improvements to the services on offer.

Simon Smith, Vice Chair of the Board followed Anita, arriving long with fellow Board member Pauleen Pratt. He provided an update on the current topics being discussed by the Board, reflected on Anita's arrival at Freebridge, and talked about the efforts being made to plan the direction of the organisation over the next five years.

The Company Secretary then gave an update on the Customer Service Committee Pilot which was due to meet for the first time at the beginning of November, and the Communications Business Partner provided some feedback to the Panel following their discussions at the July meeting about performance data.

At the following meeting in October, the Company Secretary attended again, this time to talk to us about how Freebridge assesses itself against the regulatory standards laid down by The Regulator of Social Housing. The new Head of Asset Management, Nick Thacker, then joined us. Nick joined Freebridge in the summer so he was another new face for us. He talked about the work he's been doing since arriving making sure that Freebridge had a programmed approach to maintaining properties, to avoid the organisation having to respond to quite so much.

He told the Panel that while his team was only a small one he was determined to make it a success and make lives of tenants better by helping improve the service on offer.

Next up was a session with Freebridge's Health & Safety Manager, Dave Clack, which saw him give an overview of the work that he and his team oversee, which includes both tenant and employee safety.

And finally the Director of Housing, Sophie Bates joined us to introduce us to the new Placeshaping Manager, Hannah Hooks, and to talk about the plans Freebridge were putting together in order to support tenants during the winter months, given the added pressure of the coronavirus.

The Director of Housing said that the feedback provided on these plans would really help to shape what services Freebridge looked to offer over the next six months.


Notes from the most recent Tenant Panel meetings can be found below: