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Latest Tenant Panel Summer News

One of our members of the Tenant Panel, Charlotte, has provided an update on what they've been working on over the last few months.

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Like everybody else across the country, in fact the world, the Tenant Panel have had an unusual few months!

Normally we come into the main Freebridge offices in King's Lynn each month to meet with representatives from the organisation to talk about what's been happening, what work is being planned and to provide a tenant's view on the services being provided.

However, since the middle of March we've not been able to do that, and that's been disappointing because the debates we have in our meetings are always interesting.

The good news is that we've been able to continue to engage with Freebridge, and each other, through a variety of other ways and means!

Because there's a broad mix of people on the Tenant Panel, all with different knowledge and skills, Freebridge have used different ways of engagement with different members of the Panel, in order to make sure we can all still contribute in a way that suits us best, and all from the safety of our own homes.

Initially we received a number of papers to read and consider from Freebridge. The external Panel facilitator then spoke to each of us in turn by telephone before collating our responses to Freebridge so they could still get an understanding of our thoughts and ideas about a number of subjects.

Then following that we took our meeting into the 21st century by catching up through some video conferencing software called Zoom, which I'm sure many of you will have either seen on the TV or maybe even used with your friends and family.

While we were all sat in our kitchens and front rooms we were able to virtually meet with the Director of Housing, Sophie, who gave us an update on Welfare Reform, including details about the huge increase in applications for Universal Credit in recent weeks.

She also took the time to talk to us about the Regulator of Social Housing's Neighbourhood and Community Standard as part of our development slot. And then we were joined by Jo Barrett, one of Board members who gave us an update on what they've been working on over the last few months.

It was a slightly shorter meeting than normal as most of us we're having to work out how to use Zoom for the first time, but those of us who were able to join in thought it worked really well!

So while we all hope to be back to normal sooner than later


Notes from the most recent Tenant Panel meetings can be found below: