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Tenant Panel News

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Latest Tenant Panel Spring News

One of our members of the Tenant Panel, Charlotte, has provided an update on what they've been working on over the last few months.

Tenant Panel meeting on Zoom

We start this feedback in early January, and work through up to what is now early March, and though that's only a couple of months it feels like a lot of things have happened in that time. From a national perspective we went from entering another lockdown, to a point where there seems to be a much clearer and more positive road ahead with the successful roll out of the vaccination programme - have you had yours yet? Fingers crossed you won't be waiting long if you haven't!

At Freebridge it's been an interesting few months too, with further additions to the Leadership Team and the work that's been happening on the organisation's own road map to the future, in the form of a new five-year strategy.

The Tenant Panel have had a really interesting start to 2021, by being consulted on Freebridge's new long-term strategy, which aims to achieve some really important things by 2026. The Tenant Panel held an additional session to focus on the topic, meeting with Anita Jones, Freebridge's Chief Executive, Andy Walder Chair of Freebridge's Board and Sophie Bates, Director of Housing. They talked to us about the various elements of the proposed strategy asking our views on each area in turn. There was much conversation and debate spanning the two hour session, and going forward the conversations will continue through the year as this will now be a regular item at our meetings. The final version of the strategy should be available to all at some point soon.

As well as talking with various people at Freebridge about the services being provided, we have also started to receive various leaflets and guidance information that Freebridge provide to its customers, so that we can check them over from a tenant perspective. Freebridge want to make communications with it's customers as clear as possible so hopefully we can help with this! If you see this logo, you'll know that we've checked it over!

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Over the past quarter we have had various visits from the Placeshaping Manager and her team regarding the great work they've been doing to help the people most affected by the difficult situation presented by the pandemic. We have been really pleased to hear about the work they have been doing - and you'll have hopefully read a bit about what's happened earlier in this magazine! If you or a neighbour are struggling then do get in touch with Freebridge, if they can't help, they'll often know someone who can.

Lastly, every quarter the Tenant Panel, like the Board, receives information about the complaints and compliments that Freebridge receives, along with details of how the organisation has performed over the last few months. The Panel takes this opportunity to review the information and share their views on it with senior members of the Freebridge team, raising questions and ensuring that tenants receive the best possible service they can from the organisation. The main point that we raised on the back of the most recent set of data was the need for Freebridge to improve its repairs service. We understand that the Leadership Team and Board at Freebridge have been working hard to support efforts to ensure improvements are made over coming months, and we will look forward to receiving updates on what's happening as these efforts progress.

We will continue to take this opportunity to share our views with Freebridge which we hope help in some way to improve the services that also improve our homes and lives.


Notes from the most recent Tenant Panel meetings can be found below: