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Tenant Panel News

Latest Tenant Panel Autumn News

One of our members of the Tenant Panel, Frances, has provided an update on what they've been working on over the last few months.

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Well, things are far from back to normal but the situation seems to be a little better than it was. That said the Panel continues to meet virtually via the wonders of Zoom rather than coming into the office at Freebridge to meet face to face, and it looks like we'll probably be doing that until sometime next year.

Although meeting together in this very modern manner is still unusual for us all it's remarkable that you get used to these new ways so quickly.

Towards the end of July we met with Tony Hall, Freebridge's outgoing Chief Executive, who we've got to know well over the years, to say goodbye to him and wish him well in his retirement. It would have been nice to have said goodbye in person to him, but Zoom did at least allow us to say goodbye and wave him off!

It's going to be a big change at Freebridge with Tony going but we're looking forward to welcoming the new Chief Executive Anita at our next meeting in September.

As well as catching up with Tony in July we also had one of our regular Panel meetings.

Simon Smith, Vice Chair of the Board was the first visitor to the meeting, alongside Board member Marie Connell who also came along. He provided an update on what had been happening at Freebridge in the last few months, and thanked the Tenant Panel for our continued involvement since the pandemic outbreak and shared how pleased the Board were with the Freebridge Management Team, who they felt had done a great job in keeping all the critical services going while making efforts to work to a new normal and working environment.

He also talked about the plans the Board had for Freebridge's future more of which would be discussed later in the year. Marie spoke about the changes she'd experienced over the six years that she's been a Board member, and her work as the Chief Executive at a charity providing advice to vulnerable people in and around King's Lynn.

The Panel then discussed Freebridge's customer service and performance statistics for the first quarter of 2020/2021 year, and we raised a number of questions about the way the information is provided to tenants, and made a number of recommendations to improve this in the future.

The Company Secretary then joined us to provide an update on the Annual General Meeting to be held as usual in September, but like our meeting via Zoom because of the obvious safety concerns about numbers of people meeting together.

And finally, we discussed the Regulator of Social Housing's Tenant Involvement and Community Standard as part of our ongoing review of the standards that Freebridge must meet as a provider of social housing.

We don't have a meeting in August so the next thing in our diary is the AGM, I'm not quite sure how it will work but maybe we'll see some of you there!


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