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Latest Tenant Panel News

Our longest serving Tenant Panel member Sandy Peckover has provided an update on what they've been working on over the last few months.

Sandy Peckover, Freebridge Tenant Panel Member

Hello. And even though it's now April, a Happy New Year to you all! Hopefully, by the time you read this, the cold weather will be long gone, and Spring will be with us.

Our first meeting since the last issue of Streets Ahead was in November, where we met back at our usual venue at Freebridge's Juniper House office in King's Lynn.

At the meeting the Vice Chairman of the Board, Simon Smith attended to give his quarterly update on the Board. He also expressed his thanks to Stephen and Frances who gave a presentation about the work of the Panel to those who attended Freebridge's Annual General Meeting towards the end of last year.

Simon was followed by a session with Tony Hall, Freebridge's Chief Executive, who provided an update on the organisation's business plan, information about steps being taken to improve how complaints are resolved and his thoughts on the Government's recent green paper on social housing.

Finally, we received a number of updates from the Director or Property, Alex Dixon. Who spoke to us about the progress being made with the Hillington Square project, details of the internal and external works programme and some further aspects of the Asset Management Strategy.

In December the Panel met with the Chairman of Freebridge's Board, Andy Walder, who talked about being re-elected as Chair of the Board and the highlights of his first year in the role.

The Communications Business Partner also joined the meeting to talk about the Tenant Satisfaction survey carried out each month (recent results from which can be found on page 22), and to talk about the use of social media in engaging with Freebridge's tenants.

In January the meeting was largely centred around the Communications Strategy, which was presented by the Communications Business Partner, and the Placeshaping Strategy presented by the Director of Housing, Robert Clarke.

And then in February, we took part in a joint session with the Board at the South Lynn Community Centre about tenant engagement. To kick off the morning's activities we were lucky enough to have Jenny Osborne, the Chief Executive of TPAS, to talk to us about what's happening with tenant engagement across the social housing sector.

The Tenant Panel meeting with the Board

TPAS is England's leading tenant engagement experts, a not-for-profit organisation who have been dedicated to improving tenant engagement standards across the country for over thirty years.

The Tenant Panel and the Board spent the morning hearing about how tenant engagement has evolved at Freebridge and then discussed how Freebridge's tenants could be involved in helping shape the future services Freebrdge provides.

It's always good to work with the Board, particularly on a subject so close to the Tenant Panel's heart, and I look forward to hearing more about what Freebridge are going to do to make sure that tenant engagement remains an important subject!

Thank you for reading my update, and don't forget if the life of a Tenant Panel member sounds like something you might like to get involved in then please do give Helen Richardson at Freebridge a call on 03332 404 444 or email her at helen.richardson@freebridge.org.uk and she'll be able to tell you more about what we do and how you can join in.

The Tenant Panel meeting with the Board

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