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Tenant Panel News

Latest Tenant Panel Winter News

One of our members of the Tenant Panel David Harrison has provided an update on what they've been working on over the last few months.

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Hello and welcome to the latest report from the Freebridge Tenant Panel!

Since the last update we've had a number of Panel meetings following our break in August, attended Freebridge's AGM and have also managed to book some interviews in with a handful of tenants who, if successful, will be joining us in our efforts on the Panel. Hopefully we'll be able to introduce you to some new faces in the new year.

In September the Panel met with Simon Smith, Vice Chair of Freebridge's Board, who came along to provide the Panel with his quarterly update on what the Board had been working on in the last few months. This included information on finance, development, customer satisfaction, shareholding, homelessness and the work at Hillington Square.

Next up was the Company Secretary who gave an update on Freebridge's plan to set up a Customer Service Committee, a group that will help to strengthen tenant engagement, which we'll be telling you more about in the next few months.

And then Freebridge's Support Manager gave a short presentation about the work his team does, which you'll have read about in the last issue of Streets Ahead.

A couple of weeks after the September meeting the Panel once again attended Freebridge's Annual General Meeting. In recent years the Tenant Panel has been invited to take this opportunity to tell those who come along to the event about the work we do.

This year saw Frances Fox and I (on behalf of Charlotte Beck) present to those in attendance about the work the Panel does, hopefully encouraging some further interest in what we do from those who came along.

In October Freebridge's Placeshaping Manager joined us to provide an update on what activities the Placeshaping team has been involved with in the past year. The Panel has seen some of the good work that the team have been doing at the two centres, so it was good to hear what else they've done. Following that the Tenancy Manager gave us an overview of the work the Tenancy Team do, continuing the ongoing round of updates being provided by all the teams throughout Freebridge.

In November Tony Hall, Freebridge's Chief Executive, gave us a general update of what's happening within the business of Freebridge including details of the Business Plan.

And we heard from Alex Dixon, the Director of Property, on the efforts being made to improve how repairs and maintenance are carried out at Freebridge. And finally the Lettings Manager provided us with a short presentation on the work of their team.

Thank you for reading my quick update on what the Tenant Panel have been up to. On behalf of the Panel I'd like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year!

Here you will find notes from the Tenant Panel meetings:

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