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Tenant Panel News

Latest Tenant Panel Spring News

One of our members of the Tenant Panel Frances Fox has provided an update on what they've been working on over the last few months.

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It’s been another busy few months with the Tenant Panel, looking at all the different aspects of Freebridge and making sure it runs as smoothly as possible!

We’ve been involved in setting up a new customer service committee which serves the Board but with some Tenant involvement. It’ll mean that all the compliments and complaints that get sent in are looked at in depth. We know that it’s important for every bit of feedback to get reviewed and hopefully this will mean that improvements can be made where needed. As a Tenant Panel we regularly get to look at performance reports and make comparisons year on year so it’s good to see that a committee has been set up that can really look at this effectively.

Another area we are really pleased to be involved in is the recruitment for the new chief executive. Once the potential replacements for Tony have been shortlisted we are looking forward to meeting them all before the official interviews.

We think it’ll be a great chance to make sure they hear from tenants about what’s really important for the future.

One of the bigger-picture issues that’s cropped up includes looking at the idea of whether a national tenant panel could be introduced at a country-wide level to put across tenant views to government. We’ve been considering all sides and have had some really productive conversations about what might work and what might not.

We had our yearly update from the Board Vice Chair in December and it was great to hear about the hard work being put in across Freebridge. One of the things we particularly noted was the work at the Discovery Centre and the difference it is making in North Lynn. We also heard from the Director of Housing in January about things like service charges, vulnerable tenants and storage of mobility scooters.

Finally, our February meeting fell on Valentine’s Day which was also Love West Norfolk day and it was brilliant to be part of this celebration of our area. We even got Valentine’s cards from the team at Freebridge!

Here you will find notes from the Tenant Panel meetings:

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