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Tenant Panel News

Latest Tenant Panel News

One of our newer members of the Tenant Panel Mick Harpley has provided an update on what they've been working on over the last few months.

Tenant Panel Update

Hello. Since the last Tenant Panel update we've had a couple of meetings and our annual (and my first!) away day where we do things a little differently.

In March the Panel met with the Vice Chairman of Freebridge's Board, Simon Smith who attended to give his regular quarterly update to us on what Freebridge's Board had been working on in the last few months, which is always interesting.

Freebridge's Business Assurance Manager followed Simon to update the Panel on a review of Freebridge's policies, and talked through how governance (the rules and regulations the organisation has to comply with) works at Freebridge.

We then had a short session about Mental Health at work run by the Panel's independent facilitator Richard Maun, and then the Communications Business Partner talked to us about the second stage of Freebridge's complaints process - when they are overseen by a panel of Board and Tenant Panel members.

April's meeting was mainly centered around an update on Freebridge's Asset Management Strategy (how Freebridge look after and maintain all the homes they own) from the Director of Property, Alex Dixon.

We also talked about the Panel's consitutional documents (how the Panel is set up and runs) and Freebridge's performance over the last few months.

Finally in May we had the Panel's annual away day. Which saw us relocate to a different location with a different approach to the day than our normal meetings.

It was good to have some time to find out a bit more about each of the people currently on the Panel, and we also had a long (but good!) session with Freebridge's Chief Executive on Freebridge's Business Plan and the work being done in support of it, as well as how enagagement with tenants could look in the future - watch this space!

Thank you for reading my update, and don't forget if the life of a Tenant Panel member sounds like something you might like to get involved in then please do give Helen Richardson at Freebridge a call on 03332 404 444 or email her at helen.richardson@freebridge.org.uk and she'll be able to tell you more about what we do and how you can join in.

Here you will find minutes from the Tenant Panel meetings:

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