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Thornage Hall

In 2010 Freebridge entered into a management agreement with Thornage Hall – a unique residential and working environment for people with learning difficulties – to provide housing management services on its behalf.

Through the partnership, Thornage Hall who continue to provide care and support services to the tenants living at the scheme, have access to Freebridge’s housing expertise and knowledge of tenancies. Freebridge in turn benefit by developing their skills in work with vulnerable adults using Thornage Halls expertise around the supporting of adults with special needs.


Thornage Hall sits on 70 acres of attractive North Norfolk countryside. As well as accommodation – including more independent, self-contained flats – the community also includes a range of work-based learning opportunities for adults with learning disabilities, including a working farm and market garden, as well as a range of traditional arts and crafts including weaving, willow weaving, woodwork, cooking and baking and IT. The Hall offers residents and day service users the chance to learn new skills and work within the community, producing hand-made items in the workshops or helping out on the farm and in the extensive gardens. The work of Thornage Hall is based on the ethos that everyone has something to give and everyone has something to learn. In this respect it is important that the work is meaningful for those accessing services, the produce from the farm provides the food for the houses with surplus going to local businesses and the products from the workshops are all produced to a standard for sale.


Alison Hall, Director of Operations at Thornage Hall, said: Working together with Freebridge brings many benefits to Thornage Hall including the support in managing our properties as well as expertise in housing management. We are looking forward to developing more joint training initiatives for staff and mutual exchange of expertise which brings benefits to us all as well as our tenants. We look forward to developing our partnership and finding new and innovative ways to work together."

Tony Hall, Freebridge's Chief Executive said: "Through working together Freebridge Community Housing and Thornage Hall have improved and developed our own knowledge and understanding of each other’s areas of work which in turn has brought, and continues to bring, long-term mutual benefits for both organisations.”


Visit Thornage Hall for more information, or contact them by emailing office@thornagehall.co.uk, or by phoning 01263 860305.