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The Tenant Panel meets on a regular basis to look at different projects and consider ways of improving key areas of Freebridge’s work.

The Panel is made up of up to 12 customers who come from a wide range of backgrounds, and from different communities across West Norfolk. The Panel is linked to the Freebridge board by giving and receiving feedback.

For the latest news from the Tenant Panel, take a look at our Streets Ahead magazine.

Streets Ahead

Charlotte Beck

I am Norfolk born and bred, I've been a Freebridge customer for just over five years with my daughter and I’ve been on the Freebridge tenant panel for about four years and I love it! Previously I have worked as a graphic designer, receptionist, and activity coordinator. At this time I focus my life on my daughter, baking, and volunteering some of my free time and knowledge to the Tenant Panel. I adore my daughter, pets, baking, and days out and I hope my skills, qualities and enthusiasm will benefit the Freebridge Tenant Panel.

Frances Fox

My home has been in Norfolk since 1967. I live in a small village on the Lincolnshire border. It’s been a difficult year, not being able to hug grandchildren rating very high amongst the difficulties, but the monthly Tenant Panel meetings have helped a lot even though it’s all been on Zoom. We are our own little community. It’s been a real booster when feeling down to see some smiling faces. 

David Harrison

I live in St Germans and my hobbies are golf, gardening and caravanning. I am a returning member of the Tenant Panel and was on the panel for about seven years before. I am 71 years old and retired.

Anne Manning

I'm from King’s Lynn, and during my working career I left the town when I was 17 years old to go to Essex where I qualified in nursing and worked in many different hospitals across London. When I retired I left London, and returned back to King’s Lynn where I became a Freebridge customer around six years ago, spending my time as a member of the Woman’s Institute helping them to organise events. 

Sandy Peckover

Housewife, mother and grandmother. In a previous life I worked in an office environment. After my children started school I resumed work as a cleaner and a home help then back into clerical work. I am now retired. I have never taken part in any voluntary work before or any community projects.

Charlie Wall

I have lived in Norfolk since 2003 originally from Wereham, I attended Methwold High and studied psychology at the College of West Anglia and even completed my BA (Hons) there as well. I moved away to Norwich for work where I was offered the chance to work for non-profit organisations supporting people in crisis. I have now moved back into West Norfolk in the last two years. and most recently I have now changed employment and moved over to Norfolk County Council’s Youth Team. Dedicated to making positive change, I feel and hope that I will be useful to Freebridge and my local community, I aim to use my voice well within the Tenant Panel to help contribute to positive change for the West Norfolk community!

Tenant Panel Minutes

Here you will find minutes from Tenant Panel meetings. 




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