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Freebridge Community Housing aims to make this website accessible to all visitors and is viewable in the widest possible range of web-browsing technology. To achieve this goal, the website was created in accordance with certain web standards and government guidelines.

Many websites, browsers and operating systems have multiple options to help make websites more accessible. Some of the more popular options are detailed below.
** Please note that this information is held on websites external to the Freebridge's website (such as Microsoft) and therefore Freebridge can hold no responsibility for the content of such sites or the results of any action taken following guidance on these sites.

Website accessibility features:

The following features are enabled throughout the Freebridge website to make viewing the site as easy as possible:


Browsealoud reads web pages aloud for people who find it difficult to read online. Reading large amounts of text on screen can be difficult for those with literacy and visual impairments.

Browsealoud is a computer program that reads out all website content including PDF and MS Word documents.

As you move the cursor over words, they are spoken aloud.

The Freebridge site is registered for use with Browsealoud and the software is free to the end user.

To use Browsealoud, click the orange icon at the top right corner of our webpage, select the hand tool and then simply move the cursor over the words and they are spoken aloud.

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For further information about Browesaloud, please click on the link http://www.browsealoud.com

Customising the way you access the web

My web, my way is a website created by the BBC and AbilityNet. It explains the many ways you can change your browser, computer, keyboard and mouse settings to make the web more accessible for you. The link is http://www.bbc.co.uk/accessibility.