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About Freebridge

Freebridge Community Housing was set up in 2006, to receive the transfer of the Borough Council of King’s Lynn and West Norfolk's housing stock. The transfer took place after 77% of voting tenants voted in favour of the transfer. We are registered with the Homes and Communities Agency and own and manage around 7,000 homes and 17 sheltered schemes in West Norfolk.

We employ around 200 people, including our own Property Services team of operatives. We are investing on average £8m annually in the local economy, meaning that we are having a big impact within our local communities.

We are a part of the e² consortium of locally based, independent housing associations who have come together to provide affordable homes in East Anglia. The consortium members include Freebridge Community Housing, Greenfields Community Housing, Orwell Housing, Colchester Borough Homes and Saffron Housing Trust. e² is committed to delivering a range of new homes across the region for people in housing need. Our combined aim is to build strong and sustainable communities by providing high quality affordable homes within well designed neighbourhoods.

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