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myfreebridge is our approach for our customers and communities to challenge and influence the way Freebridge manages your homes, works in your community, and builds a better future.

If you’re a Freebridge tenant, live with a Freebridge tenant, own a Freebridge property or live/work in a Freebridge community, come and join the hundreds of people who want their voice to be heard, to make a difference.

From armchair advisors to Customer Ambassadors every voice has a place in myfreebridge, so we’re inviting you to be a part of this change and give the Freebridge customer voice a volume!

The video above provides a quick overview of myfreebridge.

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What are Community Voices?

Our Community Voices are the people who sign-up and participate on the myFreebridge engagement platform. It's a space for you to share ideas, discuss important topics, provide feedback on policy, planning and contribute to the future of Freebridge Community Housing. From polls to surveys, Customer Forums to Idea Boards, the platform gives you an insight on what is happening within Freebridge and an opportunity to play a part and have your voice heard.

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What are Customer Ambassadors?

Customer Ambassadors are members of the Customer Voice Panel whose purpose is to provide the Freebridge Board with customer based assurance that the Regulator of Social Housing Consumer Standards are being met; value for money is being achieved in service delivery to all Freebridge Customers; and is in line with Freebridge’s vision for Building Better Futures.

Through the Customer Voice Panel, the Ambassadors are in a position to influence strategic decisions to make a difference for the diverse group of tenants they represent.

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Let us know if you'd like to be considered as a Customer Ambassador when a place becomes available:

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What are Service Champions?

The Service Champions are a fun, friendly group of Freebridge tenants with an eye for detail, a passion for change and consistently positive can do attitudes.

The purpose of the role is to add value to Freebridge Community Housing’s business by contributing experience, expertise and insight in scrutinising the performance of Freebridge in its landlord functions and making recommendations to Freebridge about how performance might be improved.

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For more information please email Rebecca at [email protected], call 03332 404 444 and ask to speak with the Customer Voice Lead or send us a message via Facebook or Twitter.

More Information

Let us know if you'd like to be considered as a Service Champion when a place becomes available:

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Out & About

We want to make a difference in our local communities. One way we do this is by getting out into our communities during our Out and About Community Impact Weeks, meeting with and finding out what our customers need, carrying out repairs, taking part in community clean-ups, and lending a hand, where we can.

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