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Apply for housing

We are a member of West Norfolk Homechoice and all applications for housing must be made through Homechoice. We are not able to accept direct applications for housing.

West Norfolk Homechoice is managed by the Borough Council of King’s Lynn & West Norfolk. All properties are advertised on the Homechoice website from Wednesday until 12 noon on Monday.

If you are interested in a property advertised then you can register bids from Wednesday using the Homechoice website, please note that this service is provided by the Borough Council of King's Lynn and West Norfolk.

Bidding for properties opens on the Wednesday at 12 midnight and remains open until 12 noon on the following Monday.

Applicants wishing to apply to join West Norfolk Homechoice register will be assessed for eligibility in accordance with Homechoice policy, which can be found on the Homechoice website.

The Council will also give you advice on how to apply for a home, and whether you will be able to get help when paying the rent.

If you are successful in bidding for a Freebridge home, you will be contacted by our Lettings Team who will carry out an assessment, including a face-to-face interview to decide if we can offer you a tenancy. Please see our leaflet to find out more information about the Lettings Team.

Your tenancy agreement length and type could change. If you are thinking about moving then please read our information about fixed term tenancies to see if you could be affected.