We understand that part of making a house your own home is to put your personal stamp on it. We're here to help you with this, and we've simplified the process into three categories: 

1. No Permission Needed Feel free to make certain changes within your home without needing our permission. 

2. Seek Permission First For specific alterations, it's important to get our approval before making any changes. We're here to guide you through this process. 

3. Not Allowed There are some changes that cannot be made to your home. Please refer to our guidelines for more information on what falls into this category. 

Making Improvements to your Home 

General Guidance 

For detailed information on what falls under each category, please refer to our guidelines below. Our Home, Your Alterations: Guidelines for Making Changes to Your Freebridge Property 

Here's what you need to know: 

1. Seeking Permission You have the right to request alterations to your home. We aim to accommodate your needs and expectations. However, there are situations where we may need to refuse permission, primarily when changes could affect safety or property value. 

2. Our Duty of Care We're committed to ensuring your safety and protecting our homes for future residents. If you decide to make changes, you are responsible for following legal requirements and maintaining safety standards. 

3. Cost Responsibility When making modifications, you are responsible for all associated costs, including design, administration, actual work, future repairs, maintenance, and any restoration expenses. 

4. Property Reinstatement You may need to return it to our standards upon moving out. Failure to do so may result in us seeking costs associated with the work done. 

5. Other Permissions Certain work may require permissions and approvals from other authorities. We don't handle these discussions or cover the costs but maybe able to provide guidance. 

6. Unauthorised Work Performing work without our permission may require restoring the property to its original condition. If not, we'll perform the work and charge you for the costs. 

7. End of Tenancy At the end of your tenancy, you may need to restore the property to its original condition for future residents. 

8. Agreement and Consequences By requesting alterations, you agree to cover any associated costs. Failing to stick to these conditions could lead to legal action. 

9. Meeting Regulations Our requests comply with current legislation and regulations to ensure your home remains safe and comfortable. 

10. Maintaining Your Improvement When you make alterations to your property, the upkeep becomes your responsibility. 

We've designed this guidance to make the process of altering your home smoother, providing clear guidelines and expectations. If you have questions or need guidance, please don't hesitate to contact us. 

What we allow

No Permission Needed  

Feel free to make these changes within your home without needing additional permission. 

Exterior Upgrades: 

Garden Structures: Add sheds, summer houses, and greenhouses which follow planning guidelines. Limit to one structure per property without a power supply. If you want more than one please get in contact with us. Garden structures must be in the back garden only.

If you want to add more than one garden structure, please contact us for permissions.

Washing Line & Water Butt: Relocate your washing line and install a water butt for water conservation, with the exception of communal spaces.

Landscaping: Plant non invasive trees and bushes without additional permissions but check the plant types first. 

House Number: Display your property number on your door or the front of your home to make your house stand out. 

Doors: Freshen up your doors by painting them with the appropriate product. Seek advice if you’re not sure. 

Pets: Fit a cat flap that is E rated to an external door, with the exception of a fire door, flat door or door in communal areas. 

Mailbox: Install an externally mounted letterbox for added convenience.  

Video/Security Doorbells: Make sure these are not pointed at anyone elses property. For CCTV or cameras, you must request permission.

Interior Improvements: 

Plumbing: Installing plumbing for cold water supply white goods like washing machines and dishwashers (without removing kitchen units). 

Entertainment: Improve TV reception with a TV aerial (for houses, not flats). For satellite TV, seek guidance. 

Safety: Enhance your home's safety with additional surface-mounted, battery-operated smoke, heat and carbon monoxide detectors.   

Security: Secure your home with temporary/non-mains connected alarm/detection systems. 

Home Decor: Refresh your home by removing decorative fire surrounds and decorating.  

Doors: Upgrade the appearance and functionality of your doors, including airing cupboard doors (excluding those leading to the kitchen or fire doors). 

Locks: Improve security with new door locks (not permitted for shared access). 

Appliances: Install white goods in existing habitable rooms without removing kitchen units (excluding bathrooms or extending wiring). 

Kitchen: Upgrade your kitchen with a new sink. Consider hiding pipework, replacing tiles, and various flooring options. 

Bathroom: Update your bathroom by changing bath tap blocks, installing mixer taps and shower heads, shower screens or curtains, and new tiling without interfering with existing services. If you’re adding a shower head, make sure the walls are tiled and sealed. 

General Enhancements:  

Installing grab rails, especially at entrance doors and in bathrooms. 

Adding vanity units (without electrics). 

Enhancing your home with additional skirting boards, architrave, and coving

Refreshing the appearance of your interior with paint.  

Using different flooring (no wood or laminate floors in first floor or above flats) 

Adding fitted wardrobe units in your bedroom. 

Please Note: These are general guidelines. Specific rules may vary by location and property type. Please check with us if you have any questions. 

What we don't allow

Outside the Property: 

Fence Off Communal Gardens: You can't put up a fence, hedge or wall that divides shared outdoor spaces

High fences or walls in the front of the garden.

Build a permanant structure such as workshop, garage or conservatory.  

Timber Decking Installation. 

Astroturf/Artificial grass: Installing astroturf or artificial grass in a garden. 

Property Structure Changes: 

Changing Building Layout: This includes removing or adding internal walls, doors, stairs, loft conversions and more. 

Subdividing Living and Dining Rooms: You can't split these spaces. 

Archway Between Kitchen and Living Rooms. 

Removing Stairs, Banisters, and Newel Posts: These should not be altered. 

Door Changes: Replacing doors or installing non-fire doors between kitchen and living spaces is restricted. 

Installation of a wood burner or open fire

Concrete/Ceramic Floor Tiles: Outside the kitchen or bathroom. 

Timber or Laminate Floors: For first floor flats and upward.  

Render: Removing or painting render, drilling holes or attachhing items such as hanging baskets.

Installing tumble dryer vents through the wall

Utility and Water Systems: 

Water Tank Fed 'Power' Showers. 

Relocating Meters: Moving water, gas, or electric meters. 

Heating and Cooling Systems: Installation of HVAC or air conditioning units is not allowed. 

Electrical Work: Rewiring and installing wall lights. 

Property Exterior: 

Satellite Dishes in Communal Areas: They are not permitted. 

Chimney Removal: You can't remove chimneys or chimney breasts. 

Roof Changes: Cleaning, washing, or replacing the roof. 

Adding or Expanding Windows: Changing window sizes or additional windows including Velux and patio/French doors.  

What we don't allow

Patio Doors/French Doors. 

Velux Windows: You can't put in Velux windows. 

Patio / French doors

External Door Changes: Replacing external doors or creating new openings. 

Cat Flap for Flats/Maisonettes: Installing a cat flap in shared areas or in a fire door.  

Property Interior: 

Loft Insulation Top-up: Adding additional loft insulation. Please contact us if you are concerned about the level of existing insulation.  

Integrated Rainwater Goods: You can't remove these. 

Loft/ Attic Conversion: Turning the loft/attic into a living or storage space. 


For any activities not listed, you will need to Seek Permission First We’ll then tell you whether you can or cannot proceed with the change, and what criteria you may need to satisfy.

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