Providence Street Community Centre

We wanted to make you aware that, as part of the final phase of our exciting Hillington Square development, we are set to begin the phased decommission of Providence Street Community Centre.

We’re now moving forward with another significant investment that will provide 66 new homes and at least four separate purpose designed community spaces for the revamped area.

With Providence Street no longer a viable building, it will eventually be demolished as part of the development work and no more new bookings are being accepted there.

We're very excited about the prospect of completing our Hillington Square project and for the proposed new community areas, which we hope will become a welcome part of the wider development of the South Gates area in King's Lynn.

Although we're no longer taking bookings for Providence Street, we can cater for the same audience at our Discovery Centre - which is a modern facility and full of great options for you.

You can find out more about what's going on at the Discovery Centre here.

Why not take a look at our other Community Centre based in North Lynn

The Discovery Centre

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