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Heating and hot water control user manuals

Struggling to change your heating system’s programmer? Here are the user manuals for the controls in Freebridge homes.

Air Source Heat Pump

Ducasa & Quantum Controls

Gas Central Heating

Hot water timer for storage heaters

Oil Central Heating

Mitsubishi Ecodan Air Source Heat Pump

Energy efficiency guides

Boiler manuals

Whilst we have tried to provide manuals for all of our boilers in your homes, we may not have yours availabe here yet. If you're struggling to find your a manual for your boiler, please take a look at the ones provided in the link below.

Other boiler manuals

Money Saving Boiler Challenge

You could cut your gas use by 6 to 8% by changing a single setting on your combi boiler.

This guide shows you how to change a single setting on your gas combi boiler to make it more efficient.

It only takes a few minutes, and it can be changed back instantly, so there’s nothing to lose by trying it.

A combi boiler provides both heating and hot water. If you have a combi, you won’t have a separate hot water tank.

If you have a separate hot water tank, or you aren’t sure if you have one, we don’t recommend you make this change yourself. This is because water stored in a tank needs to be hot in order to stop bacteria from growing.

More Information

Money Saving Boiler Challenge Guide

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Switch your energy supplier

Changing your energy supplier can be an easy way to save money. The following organisations are completely impartial and are approved by Ofgem (the energy industry regulator). Be sure to have your annual energy usage information available (your supplier can provide this) and they will compare suppliers and tell you what you could save.


0800 051 5493
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0800 051 5493

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01733 646253

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Our heating audits are carried out by GCS Compliance to check that servicing is carried out correctly.

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