If you are a leaseholder, the handbook on the right has useful information to help you to manage your lease. It includes details on your responsibilities and our responsibilities under the lease, service charges, consultation, and repairs.

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Leaseholder Handbook

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Leaseholder Services

We offer a range of services to maintain the structure of the building that your property is part of. We also look after shared areas such as hallways, stairs and courtyards. You can find out what we offer when it comes to cleaning and grounds maintenance on the right:

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Selling your home (assigning your lease)

If you decide to sell your property or make alterations, you may require our permission. If you do require our permission we will require you to pay our administration costs.  Please check your Lease for details. 

Administration costs are owed by the requesting party to Freebridge Community Housing Limited for carrying out the requested work. Prices stated are for administration fees only and do not include any premium chargeable for Property or Deeds. 

These fees are solely for the work carried out by Freebridge Community Housing Limited and do not include the requesting parties own legal fees.  Please consult your own solicitor to discuss their fees. 

Notice of Assignment (Residential)


Deed of Covenant on Assignment


S.157 Rural Area Restriction Approval


S.156A Offer Back Certificate


Leasehold Questionnaires (LPE1)


Retrospective Covenant Consent for Alterations


Restrictive Covenant Consent for Alterations


Other Covenants

Fee to be individually assessed 

Deed of Postponement


Notice of Re-mortgage (residential)


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