Moving to another home

Applying to move

If you are already a Freebridge tenant, you can apply to move to another property if your current home no longer meets your needs.

To apply for a move, you need to register with West Norfolk Homechoice who will then assess your application.

To be able to move, you must be meeting all the conditions of your tenancy agreement, and be up to date with your rent.

Mutual Exchange

A mutual exchange is when you agree to ‘swap homes’ with another Freebridge customer, or a tenant of another housing association.

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Mutual Exchange Booklet

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House Exchange

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I do a mutual exchange with someone?

First, check that your tenancy agreement includes permission for you to swap your home.

You will need to fill in a mutual exchange application form and this will begin the formal process - meaning you’re one step closer to moving into your new home. You can get a copy of the form from us.

You will need to get permission from Freebridge and the landlord for the home you’re swapping with.

Before the home swap can take place, we’ll need to carry out a full inspection of your home. You’ll also need a legal document called a Deed of Assignment which you’ll need to sign before the mutual exchange can take place.

And, you’ll need to pay for electric and gas checks before the exchange can go ahead (these are Electric £105 and Gas £76.88). You can contact us to make these payments.

Why might a mutual exchange be turned down?

There are a few reasons why we may refuse a mutual exchange:

- if the tenant/s are subject to a current Notice of Seeking Possession, have a possession order or full possession proceedings have begun;

- if the exchange would mean under-occupation or overcrowding of a property;

- if the property involved is reserved for specific people (for example for those in sheltered housing) and the exchange would be with a tenant or tenants who do not meet this criteria;

- if there are any breaches of tenancy;

- if there are arrears on your rent account

Finding a mutual exchange home

You will need to register on House Exchange. This is an online tool that can help you find someone to swap homes with by mutual exchange.

The House Exchange website matches people up with other households looking to move home too. You will be able to search for homes locally or further afield, right across the UK.

House Exchange also uses social media to help people find a home swap. After you’re signed up, why not try sharing your property advert on their Facebook and Twitter pages which can be found here:

Facebook - Twitter

Once you have found your exchange partner(s) and have agreed a mutual exchange in principle, all parties must gain approval from their own landlords.

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