Freebridge works with MLCS3 to carry out stock condition surveys


We’d like to remind our Freebridge customers that MLCS3 are currently undertaking property surveys on our behalf.

You may have already received a letter from MLCS3 regarding an appointment and the surveyors will not turn up unannounced.

This appointment is very important as we look to complete our stock condition survey, which we first told you about back in November 2022.

When a surveyor arrives at your property, they will have an identification (ID) card to prove to you who they are. It will include unique information, including Freebridge and MLCS3 branding.

Appointments should last around 30 minutes and it’s vitally important that surveyors are allowed into your property to complete them.

It’s important for you to remember that all surveyors will have this form of ID and you should not let them into your home without this card being present.

Surveying your home is their sole purpose and if you have any concerns about a surveyor’s ID or their behaviour, you should call the MLCS3 number that will be listed on their card.

Please glance over our video for a more in-depth explainer.

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