Discovery Centre to become a Warm Hub


With the nights now growing much darker and colder and the challenging winter months approaching, we appreciate the need for a safe and warm space in west Norfolk.

With that in mind, our Discovery Centre in North Lynn will become a Warm Hub from December 7th this year.

By doing this, it means we are opening the doors at Discovery Centre, on Greenpark Avenue, to the local community and offering it to those who need a free, warm, welcoming, and friendly space.

So, come the second week in December, this is an open invitation for you to come in, keep warm, connect with others, and make new connections in the community.

We have registered The Centre with Warm Welcome, whose idea is that ‘everyone has somewhere warm and friendly to go, so no one is ever left to get through winter alone’.

That’s a message we can fully get behind at Freebridge and we’re delighted to be able to get involved in the nationwide initiative.

The Centre will be available for you to use as a Warm Hub between 11am and 3pm on every Thursday from December 7th, all the way through to March 28th (2024).

If the Discovery Centre is a little out of your way, but you are in need of this support, you can always visit and find a space near you by simply inputting your postcode.

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