An update to our Tenant Customer Charter!


Last year you may recall that we launched our brand new Tenant Customer Charter.

This Charter is our ‘customer plan’ and is a living, breathing document that displays our commitments that we have promised to deliver to our customers. This is all based upon feedback from over 1,000 customers, contractors, and colleagues and we’ll regularly update you on our performance in future Streets Ahead magazines and on our website.

This year we’ve added important promises in regards to damp and mould which include:

  • to take all reports of damp and mould very seriously, triaging every case to understand the most appropriate course of action for each home
  • to act on the most serious cases of damp and mould immediately, carrying out a risk assessment within 1 working day, and taking action to downgrade the risk within 21 working days, and
  • to work with external specialists to provide a range of advice and guidance to customers on managing mould in their homes

We’ve also added a further four commitments that relate to your engagement, and welcoming you into your new home:

  • provide a range of different opportunities for you to give feedback, rasie concerns, scrutinise our performance and be involved at a level that suits your needs and wishes
  • make it easy for you to share your views with us in real time, and to understand what we have done as a result of your feedback
  • report annually on our engagement work and the difference this has made to the services you receive, and
  • we will arrange a welcome call to see how you're settling in

You can read the Tenant Customer Charter on the right, or head over to the Customer Charter page for more information.

Building Better Futures: Tenant Customer Charter 2022-2026
Building Better Futures: Tenant Customer Charter 2022-2026
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