Important message about your Universal Credit claim


If you claim Universal Credit, on Monday 1st April you MUST complete the to-do you have received on your Universal Credit to-do list called ‘Confirm your housing costs’.

You cannot make the changes online until Monday 1st April

What you need to do:
To complete this, you need to log onto your online Universal Credit account and select ‘To do list’, then select the ‘to-do’ titled ‘Confirm your housing costs’.

If you have a telephone claim, on Tuesday 2nd April you will need to call the Freephone service centre on 0800 328 5644 and tell them you need to report your change to your rent charge.

This must be completed before the end of your current monthly assessment period to ensure you receive your full entitlement of Housing Cost Element.

These screenshots show you what information is needed to complete the ‘to-do’. Your new rent and service charge details can be found on page 3 of the rent letter that we recently sent to you.

example of the screen you'll see when confirming your housing costs on your phone

Please ensure that you enter the charges exactly as they are detailed in your rent letter. You will need to select ‘weekly’ as the payment frequency.

If you fail to update your claim, then your Universal Credit will be calculated incorrectly. As a result, you may not be paid what you are entitled to.

If you need any support please call us on 03332 404 444 (option 3) to speak with our Income Team.

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